Aftermarket Trion Air Bear Cub 229990-101, 248713-101, 255649-101
Aftermarket Trion Air Bear 435790-028
Aftermarket Trion Air Bear Supreme (1400) 455602-002
Also can be used to replace Trion electronic models Trim T and Trim TX 441502-010

  • Nominal size 16" x 25" x 3" (Actual size 15 3/4" x 24 1/4" x 3")
  • For use in Air Bear Cub Air Cleaners.
  • Pre-applied foam gaskets give the filter an air tight seal ensuring that no contaminates can slip past the filter!.
  • High grade filtration media that removes 98% of air born contaminates. We only use the BEST!
  • Advanced polyester filter media traps and removes the smallest pollutants such as dust mites, pollen, mold spores & fungi! Protect your air conditioners important parts and your health!
  • Easy installation! Just slide the pre-assembled filter in and you are good to go. Each filter is individually wrapped in plastic to ensure long shelf life.
  • Last up to six months. When you are done with the filter, just slide in a new one that is fresh and clean!
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    Our Air Bear Air Filters are made right here is the USA (We support American workers)! Each Air Bear filter undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that your Air Bear filter meets the highest quality control standards. When you order your filter from, you can rest assured that you are getting a filter that will exceed your expectations! We take great pride in the quality, and value of every filter we offer.

    Air Bear Filters not only protect your air conditioners important internal parts, but they also purifier the air you and your family breathe! Did you know that the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) conducted a study that found indoor air to be 5 to 10 times more contaminated than outdoor air? People often overlook the quality of the air inside there homes. Poor indoor air quality can aggravate serious respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergies, respiratory conditions, and can even bring about the onset of respiratory conditions not previously present.

    That is why we take the quality of our Air Bear filters so seriously! We know that in many ways our customers health is in our hands so we do everything we can to offer the highest quality filter products at the best prices with lighting fast shipping! is truly here to serve you!

    Replacement For: Trion Air Bear Cub 229990-101, 248713-101, 255649-101, Aftermarket Trion Air Bear 435790-028, Trion Air Bear Supreme (1400) 455602-002. Also can be used to replace Trion electronic models Trim T and Trim TX 441502-010
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