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How much is your pool costing you in filters each year?

"WE CHANGED OUR PRICES TO BRING YOU EVEN MORE SAVINGS" EZCLEANFILTER WILL PAY FOR IT SELF IN A MATTER OF WEEKS . Filter companies say replace your disposable filter every 2 weeks or more as required.

Why spend more money then your pool cost in filters when you can buy one ezcleanfilter for the life of your pool?

Our ezcleanFilter is designed to be cleanable and reusable. Simply pull out filter mesh and wash it with soap and water, and place it back in the pump.

Unlike all other filters, There is nothing else to buy to keep our filter operational for years to come.

Don't spend your summer at the store buying filters. Spend it where you'd rather be: enjoying your pool.

Take our ezcleanfilter and replace your throw away and start saving today .

Don't waste your money on a sand filter, to clean a sand filter you have to backflush and that wastes alot of water. No waste with ezcleanfilter.

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